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Trauma & Emergency (24x7)


Treatment at Aakash Healthcare

Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital offers essentially all medical services a patient might need. Our inpatient and outpatient care is par excellence. We have state of the art modular operation theatres,cath lab, radio diagnosis and laboratory, which are furnished with new age equipment for unprecedented patient care, ensuring speedy recovery.

Our clinicians and support staff take the extra mile for patients. We strictly follow internationally accepted surgical and infection control protocols, striving to offer the best treatment possible. Our experienced surgeons ensure painless procedures for patients and strive for reduced hospital stay, so that our patients can spend more time with loved ones at home and less time in the hospital.

Trauma and Emergency

Trauma and emergency department at Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital is running 24x7.The department is equipped to handle the entire range of medical emergencies, from resuscitations to a minor emergency, critical emergencies to road traffic accidents and industrial disasters. The department has 4 triage beds, 6 observation beds, a dedicated sample collection room, and highly skilled emergency staff.

The department has a dedicated modular OT where all the minor procedures are performed, with Radio Diagnostics services (CT/MRI/Digital X-rays) that saves critical time. The department is backed by a fleet of high-end ACLS& BLS ambulances, which are equipped with a transport ventilator, defibrillator, and 12 hours of oxygen back up for longer routes. These ambulances are an ICU on wheels.

Emergency protocols have been developed for numerous common emergencies as per the international standards and protocols.


Clinical Team

Dr. K.v. Sarma
Trauma & Emergency (24x7)
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