General & Minimal Access Surgery

In less than a decade, the field of minimal access, minimally-invasive, or laparoscopic surgery has thrived and in present day laparoscopic surgery is the operation of choice, for procedures such as cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) or Nissen fundoplication (wrapping the stomach around the esophagus to correct gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly known as GERD).

The new laparoscopic procedures involve less postoperative pain and blood loss consequently the doctor prescribes less pain medication, which is followed by a faster healing process that gets you back home in no time, with negligible scars after healing.

The department of Minimal Access Surgery at Aakash Healthcare is committed to perform surgical procedures using minimal access techniques whenever possible, so that patients may take pleasure in less post-surgical complications and faster healing. The Institute of Minimal Access Surgery has become a leader in laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery in Delhi and NC Rafter performing numerous successful procedures and delivering quality patient care.

The surgeons at Aakash Healthcare include numerous gifted and dexterous surgeons in the country, who make use of minimal access techniques in of most abdominal diseases and disorders, namely hernias, and conditions of the stomach, intestines, gallbladder, and spleen.

The department of Minimal Access Surgery has four divisions:

  • Laparoscopic surgery.
  • Single incision laparoscopic surgery program.
  • Endoscopy suite.
  • Day care surgery program.

Laparoscopic Surgery
Aakash Healthcare is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to deliver high precision surgery. It encompasses operative procedures for the GI system, ENT, thorax, abdomen and urinary tract. Complete range of endoscopic technology and high precision hand instruments, are available in the center to adequately carry out laparoscopic surgeries.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery Program
With advancement in technology now laparoscopic surgeries are done with a new technique to minimize access trauma. It provides superior aesthetic results, lesser recovery time and at the same time does not compromise on surgical principles. This technique requires special training and a high degree of precision.

Endoscopy Suite
The center has state-of-the-art endoscopy suite with dedicated day care beds, and is equipped to perform all kinds of endoscopic procedures both diagnostic & therapeutic, namely:

  • Diagnostic procedures.
  • Diagnostic endoscopy.
  • Upper GI Scopy (Gastroscopy).
  • Lower GI Scopy (Colonoscopy).
  • Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).
  • Bronchoscopy.

Therapeutic Procedures

  • Endoscopic treatment of bleeding in varies, GI Ulcers, Polyps, etc.
  • Dilatation of esophageal structures.
  • Removal of CBD Stones.
  • Palliation of GI & Hepatobiliarytumors (Stents).
  • Laser therapy.


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