Patient Testimonials



Mr. P. Mahadevan

On 31-07-2018 I was experiencing severe pain in middle of my chest. I was under the impression that it was a gas trouble, so I look Eno and gas relief after sometime.

On 01-08-2018, after having my dinner before sleeping I Experienced same kind of severe pain. I was unable to stand, sit and walk. I Once again through the same gas trouble and went out along with my wife for Seeking Eno once again.

When we were walking, I was unable to walk and sweating. After 5-7 minutes of walk we reached Aakash Hospital and have enrolled the emergency doctor they listened to my conversation and took ECG and ECHO. In that they found that I had a cardiac arrest and advised me to admit immediately for further treatment.

On the next day morning they have taken our Cardiogram in which there were 3 blockages found and I have to go for Stunt immediately than after consulting my family members we accepted for this, while fixing the stunt one blockage was very long so they were to fix up 4 stunts instead of 3 stunts.

After spending a day in ICU Yesterday 3-8-2018 I was shifted to general ward today 4-8-2018 I will be discharged from the hospital with the treatment Advice.

Mr. Sawan Sharma

I was treated for stone in the right Ureter; Dr. Sharad Chauhan has been prompt and gave exceptional treatment.

I wish Dr. Sharad more success to come.

Mr. Mukta Vashist

I Mukta Vashist like to give my feedback about the hospital & staff. I am really happy with the service provided along with support by doctors and nurses. I would like to mention Dr. Manoj Rawat and Dr.Nishant / Dr. Sara for their support and guidance. My perception about the hospital is totally changed post my stay and interaction with the staff. I will definitely recommend Aakash Healthcare to my family and friends.

Mr. Manjeet Singh

Great team of doctors along with nurses. Special thanks to doctor Taruna who encouraged and motivated me throughout the pregnancy. Great hospital ambience and the food served to patient is also very good. We are very much satisfied with the hospitality & normal delivery is no more a myth to us in private hospital. There was a time during labour when I lost all hope of normal delivery and asked my doctor to go for cesarean. This time again the doctors motivated me and my normal delivery actually happened. A big thanks to epidural team as well for the painless delivery.

We are very much satisfied with the services provided throughout my tenure of pregnancy.

Mr. Varun Bhatia

Very impressed. My wife was virtually immobile because her both knees were jammed. Now she can walk properly following Dr. Aashish's treatment. He is an exceptionally qualified doctor in his discipline. Person at reception is utmost curteous in handling patients.

Mr. Ajit Kumar

Being patient I am deeply satisfied with the services of all the doctors and staff. Treatment/Behaviour with the patient is highly commendable. Modern & New Technology/ Machines/Infrastructure will be an asset to all human beings. Hospital deserves all appreciation. It is neat, clean, spick and span. I wish for the brilliant success of the hospital.




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