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Treatment at Aakash Healthcare

Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital offers essentially all medical services a patient might need. Our inpatient and outpatient care is par excellence. We have state of the art modular operation theatres,cath lab, radio diagnosis and laboratory, which are furnished with new age equipment for unprecedented patient care, ensuring speedy recovery.

Our clinicians and support staff take the extra mile for patients. We strictly follow internationally accepted surgical and infection control protocols, striving to offer the best treatment possible. Our experienced surgeons ensure painless procedures for patients and strive for reduced hospital stay, so that our patients can spend more time with loved ones at home and less time in the hospital.


An Anaesthesiologist plays the most crucial role during any surgical procedure and helps the patient to eradicate the pain. We at Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospitalleave no stone unturned to deliver the highest quality of patient care.

The department of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management extends its advanced clinical services to all surgical specialities. The department also provides comprehensive services for patients with acute and chronic pain. Our multi-disciplinary teams of anaesthesiologists, fellows, nurses and technicians have years of experience and are committed to deliver the highest quality and safest care to our patients.

Our only objective is to make the surgical procedure easy for both the surgeon and the patient by providing assured pain management in the best manner possible, without compromising on patient’s safety and contentment.

Pain Medicine

For long, pain has perceived as an underrated discipline of medicine, striving for its due consideration. In contemporary times when global medical fraternity has started recognizing it as a separate facility, there has been an across the board acknowledgment of this.

At the Department of Pain Medicine at Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital we offer a multi-disciplinary, coordinated way to deal with the analysis, avoidance and treatment of agonizing conditions.The treatments offered range from generic transformational neuroplasties, facet blocks to complex ozone discectomies, endoscopic discectomies and radiofrequency treatments for chronic and acute spine pain, cancer pain, trigeminal neuralgia and other chronic pain conditions.


Treatments are offered for

acute back pain relief hospital
Back pain
joint pain treatment hospital delhi
Sciatica, Herniated disc or slip disc
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Treatment hospital
Painful degenerative spine disease
chronic pain management doctors
Neck pain
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cancer pain treatment hospital in delhi
Cancer pain
Lumbar canal stenosis Treatment
Lumbar canal stenosis
Myofacial pain syndrome
Myofacial pain syndrome
Chronic abdominal pain treatment
Chronic abdominal pain
Complex regional pain syndrome
Complex regional pain syndrome
Trigeminal neuralgia
Trigeminal neuralgia
atypical facial pain treatment hospital delhi
Atypical face pain
Knee Osteoarthritis pain treatment
Osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain
Shoulder Pain treatment hospital delhi
Knee and Shoulder pain
Neuropathic Pain treatment hospital delhi
Neuropathic Pain - Diabetic or other nerve injury
Post stroke pain spasticity
Post Herpes Zoster / Post stroke pain spasticity
Failed Back Surgery hospital
Failed back surgery syndrome

Our qualified clinicians strive to find the root cause of the affecting pain and give the most effective treatment for the same in a sustainable manner.

Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital: Hospital Plot, Road No. 201, Sector-3, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075.